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Assistant/Associate/Professor, Physiology Faculty

Ivins, Utah · Education
The Department of Biomedical Sciences at Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine (RVUCOM) in Ivins, UT  invites applications at all professional ranks for this non-tenure track full-time position.

(RVUCOM) is committed to the education of osteopathic physicians who are dedicated to excellence in the practice of medicine, demonstrate integrity and professionalism in their lives, while providing ethical, compassionate, holistic and culturally competent osteopathic medical care to their patients.

 Final applicant will be required to pass both a background and drug test.

To be considered for this position all applicants are required to submit a curriculum vitae, letter of interest, and salary requirements.​ 

PRIMARY PURPOSE:   Demonstrate experience and expertise in biomedical or clinical education for predoctoral and/or postdoctoral students, provide service to the university and professional communities and engage in innovative scholarship and research to advance medical knowledge. 
  1.  Direct the education and instruction of medical students and other healthcare professional students while providing mentorship and motivation for learning, research and scholarly activity in classroom environments, clinical settings, active learning groups, laboratory experience and research opportunities.
  2. Establish and maintain scheduled office hours for student advising, tutoring, remediation and consultation.
  3. Provide service to the university community and students through serving on University committees, providing leadership, mentorship and expertise to students, participating in community outreach events and with professional organizations or groups as assigned by the Dean or Department Chair.
  4. Participate in curriculum development, assessment and modification as a part of the University’s ongoing quality improvement and assessment program.
  5. Participate in the assessment and evaluation of students, provide feedback and remedial assistance to ensure that the students meet the standards established by the faculty and university and obtain the knowledge, skills and competency established.
  6. Participate in the assessment or evaluation of and provide feedback to other members of the faculty as a portion of the college’s ongoing quality improvement and assessment program.
  7. Maintain a personal and professional development plan and portfolio, including documentation of teaching, professional development activities and plans, service provided to college and communities, scholarly activity and research to assure personal growth and continued competency with specialty field.
  8. Demonstrate the highest standard of professionalism and ethical behavior in all aspects of personal and professional actions and performance.
  9. Demonstrate and role model an ongoing ability to work cooperatively with colleagues, supervisors and support staff.
  10. Demonstrate adaptability and the willingness to assist the university and college in fulfilling its mission and vision though teaching, academic administrative duties (course/system coordinator), providing community service, and/or perform special duties as assigned.
  11. Advance the prestige of the University and College through advancement of it mission and vision and advancement of your personal career.
  12. Other duties as assigned by the Dean or his/her designee.
  1. Assist administration, faculty and staff in special projects as required.
  1. Demonstrate knowledge and skill in the delivery of medical education
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of varied curriculum templates
  3. Demonstrate ability to mentor and motivate students and peers
  4. Demonstrate ability to deliver physiology content which addresses function of all body systems at the graduate level.
  1. Terminal degree (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine or Medical Doctor Degree, PhD) with current Board Certification in appropriate area of specialization if applicable.
  2. Good standing with all regulatory and governmental boards and agencies.
  3. Eligible for coverage by college’s malpractice insurer if applicable.


Rocky Vista University is in full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and does not discriminate with regard to applicants or employees with disabilities, and will make reasonable accommodation when necessary.
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