Standardized Patient

Location: Ivins, Utah
Date Posted: 06-23-2017
Standardized Patient
Rocky Vista University in Ivins, Utah is seeking Standardized Patients (SP’s), people who are carefully recruited and trained to be patients to aid skills learning for medical students.  SP’s typically present a case history to the student, undergo a physical exam (wear gowns with shorts and if applicable, sports bras underneath) and then provide feedback to the student on their communication and clinical skills.  We are looking for SP’s of all kinds!   We need people who are team players, have great memories, can work with computers and have excellent verbal and written communication skills. This is a per request need position and there is no guarantee of hours! We will typically have 2 events per month which means 4 afternoons per month plus some training time.  If you are in need of a full time or part time job… this is not the job for you.   
If you are interested in becoming an SP and/or want to learn more, please contact
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